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Blocked Drains Inner West

Blocked drains are a common household problem, preventing waste and water to flow away from our property.

If you notice you have slow draining sinks or drains, or water is beginning to flow backwards in your system, call Plumbwell Plumbing immediately.

While a blocked drain might not seem like a big issue, it can soon cause fairly major problems to the structure of your property and become a health hazard.

If you have a blocked drain call Plumbwell Plumbing to keep both your property and occupants safe. We’ll get things sorted right away, locating the blockage and clearing it before it becomes a bigger fix.

Why Choose Plumbwell Plumbing To Service Your Blocked Drain

Fully licenced and insured plumbing experts

All members of the Plumbwell Plumbing team are licensed, insured, and qualified to offer all manner of plumbing services in Sydney and the NSW area. Heating and hot water systems are potentially dangerous so it’s important to use qualified experts with the skills and proper training to conduct all work.

Value integrity and professionalism above all else

As blocked drain plumbers based in Inner West, we believe in serving our community with integrity and professionalism. This means you can expect a high level of service, with fair prices and honest advice. We take pride in serving others in Sydney and this shines through in our work and customer service.

Same day call out

We understand that a lot of plumbing problems can’t wait, especially when it comes to blocked drains. As blocked drains can damage both property and health, Plumbwell Plumbing will call out to you the very same day to rectify the problem.

Plumbwell Plumbing is ready to handle your plumbing issue 24/7 with our Sydney emergency plumbing service. No matter the time of day, call Plumbwell Plumbing with your plumbing problem and we will be with you right away.

Fair and honest upfront pricing

As Sydney locals ourselves, we want to offer not only the very best service but also the very best prices. We will tell you over the phone what sort of price you can expect to pay with confirmation upon call-out.

Quality workmanship guaranteed

All of the work we complete comes with a quality workmanship guarantee which means you can expect top-quality work and reliability. Should any problems arise, we will get things right quickly and without fuss.

What Could Be Causing Your Blocked Drain in Sydney

You’ll know you’ve got a blocked drain if water drains slowly or refuses to drain down a sink, toilet, or plug hole. If you’ve noticed water rising above your feet in the shower, for instance, you’ve got a blockage and should call Plumbwell Plumbing ASAP. Knowing what causes such a blocked drain can help prevent it from happening.

As plumbing experts, Plumbwell Plumbing has seen it all when it comes to blocked drains. The most common causes of a blocked drain are the following, however.

Children’s toys, mobile phones, jewellery, keys, and other household objects can easily find their way into our drainage system. Often these items fall into the toilet without notice or are put in by children, fascinated by water and the flushing mechanism.

These objects may escape the toilet or sink’s immediate catch, but they get stuck in narrower parts of the pipework or other debris. These then prevent water to flow correctly, causing a slow drain or even a complete blockage.

Face wipes, cleaning wipes, and baby wipes are all unsuitable for disposal in the toilet. These are typically made of plastics and cotton materials. While these may resemble toilet paper in a superficial way, they do not disintegrate in the same way and get stuck within the drainage system.

Despite toilet paper being a flushable substance, it can cause problems too. If your system already has a partial blockage or too much toilet paper is flushed at once, problems can occur. Toilet paper blockages can often resolve themselves. If there’s a pre-existing blockage, however, the paper may have nowhere to escape to, complicating matters and necessitating professional attention.

Hair is one of the trickiest blockages to resolve. As we shower, hair from our heads and bodies flows into the drainage system. This gets caught on debris in the pipework, matting together and can cause a total blockage if enough is allowed to enter. When combined with soap and hair conditioner, hair blockages can cause very slow draining and eventually a backflow of water.

Use of a hair trap in the plug hole is recommended but call Plumbwell Plumbing if you believe hair is stuck in your drain.

Outdoor drainage pipes can often suffer from tree root intrusions. Small cracks in the surface of the pipework are all it takes for small tree root tendrils to enter, using the water supply to grow thicker and stronger. This further damages the pipes and can cause slow draining, total blockages, and even pipe collapses.

As tree root problems are often deep within a household’s drainage system, diagnosis requires expert knowledge and equipment and is a service Plumbwell Plumbing can provide.

If a trap is not installed in a sink’s plug hole, food scraps inevitably find their way into the drainage system. These small bits of food fall down the plug hole and become softer when they make contact with water. This food becomes lodged in sections of pipework and causes a number of drainage issues.
While grease, lard, and melted butter might be liquid, they soon become solid when entering the cooler pipework of our drainage systems. As they solidify, they coat the inside of the pipework with a sticky mass. This catches other debris such as hair, food, leaves, and foreign objects and soon creates a big problem. Pouring grease and liquid fat into a container and throwing it away can prevent this.

Ground disruption, weather, and accidental damage can often lead to broken pipes within our homes and outside, underground. A broken or collapsed pipe section will cause slow draining and water to backflow. In some cases, however, you may notice swelling in a lawn as water escapes into the ground.

This sort of problem requires expert attention, call Plumbwell Plumbing if you believe you have a broken pipe in your drainage system and we’ll fix things swiftly.

Tell Tale Signs of a Blocked Drain

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to tell you have a blocked drain. If you observe any of these, call Plumbwell Plumbing right away:
The most obvious sign of a blocked drain is water draining slowly. This applies to sinks, shower and bath plug holes, and outdoor storm drains. If you observe slow draining water, there is likely a blockage in your system somewhere that needs resolving as soon as possible.
As a blockage causes water to stand in your pipework, this damp environment is ideal for bacteria to develop. Bacteria such as this, as well as rotting food scraps and rancid grease can cause a foul smell that will escape your drain and may give your home an unpleasant odour.
When taking a shower, if you notice water beginning to pool around the floor drain you’ve likely got a blockage somewhere in your drainage system. In the case of a shower drain, this is likely hair and soap buildup, a particularly tricky blockage to fix. To get things fixed quickly and easily, call Plumbwell Plumbing today.
If your toilet begins to behave unusually, with water rising and falling upon flushing then your system is experiencing a fairly major blockage. This can be caused by toilet paper, wet wipes, foreign objects or even a collapse in the sewer pipework further into the system. Diagnosis is tricky so call Plumbwell Plumbing if in doubt.
Our outdoor stormwater drains are designed to handle large amounts of water so if you notice one is overflowing, you’ve got a substantial blockage. This is likely caused by leaves, dirt, and ground debris that can be dislodged with professional equipment. Sometimes, however, this can indicate a broken pipe section, requiring a more extensive fix.
Gurgling sounds from your drain are one of the first signs that a blockage is forming. This gurgling sound is caused by gases and air escaping as passes partial blockages. As this is an early warning, we recommend acting quickly and getting in touch with Plumbwell Plumbing, saving you money and hassle.

The Professional Approach to Blocked Drains

Plumbwell Plumbing uses only the most effective techniques to dislodge and resolve blocked drains. All of our expert plumbers in Sydney are trained to use this machinery safely within both commercial and residential properties.

Jet blasting

Jet blasting cleans drains by blasting away grease, grime, debris, and blockages with high-pressure water. We firstly locate the blockage using CCTV technology and then insert a flexible hose into your drainage system. We use various nozzle heads to dislodge and cut away different types of blockage, leaving your pipework clean and clear.

Electric eel

An electric eel uses mechanical power to sweep and brush away debris blocking the flow of water. We insert this into the pipework at the source of the blockage and using either a spinning wire or chain head, we dislodge matter physically, chewing and destroying food, wet wipes, leaves, and anything else in the pipework.

Chemical treatment

In some cases, we will use professional-grade chemical treatments to resolve blockages. These highly caustic solutions dissolve hair and other types of matter without damaging pipework. While these chemicals are dangerous in the wrong hands, Plumbwell Plumbing are trained professionals, keeping your property and occupants safe at all times.


Professional plumbers also have access to specialised plungers. While most homes will have a simple version, Plumbwell Plumbing has a range of plungers on hand that can help dislodge and resolve blockages quickly with no disruption to your property simply through suction force.

How to Prevent a Blocked Drain

Preventing blockages before problems occur is the best way to save money, time, and stress. Simply follow these tips to prevent blockages in your home.

Drain strainers stop food, hair, leaves and other debris from falling down into our drainage systems. These come in different shapes and sizes for different types of plugs and drains. A bathroom drain strainer, for instance, will likely be circular and feature smaller holes to prevent hair from falling into the drain. 

A storm drain strainer, however, will cover the drain in a way that only allows water to escape into the system.

Always pour cooking oil and other liquid fats into a plastic container after cooling and then throw them away into the bin. Drains and pipework are not designed to dispose of grease and these cause considerable blockages as they solidify in the system.

Boiling water can help dissolve and soften matter that is blocking your drain. The hot water can sometimes loosen debris, allowing the blockages to flush away. If not, call Plumbwell Plumbing and we can get things sorted.

Placing used wet wipes and sanitary products into a dedicated bathroom bin rather than the toilet will prevent blockages. These products do not break down in water and culminate in serious cases of blocked drains.

To make sure you don’t experience the stress, cost and hassle of a blocked drain, book a regular drain maintenance visit with Plumbwell Plumbing. Regular drain maintenance allows our professional plumbers to spot blocked drains and other problems early, saving money and headaches.

We Can Fix All Blocked Plumbing Systems

Your sewer line carries wastewater and dirty water away from your toilet, shower, sink, dishwasher and other drains. This is a vital component in a property’s drainage system and a blockage can be a serious problem, compromising the health of your family or occupants.

Plumbwell Plumbing has the tools and experience to fix blocked sewers with minimal disruption to your property. Our experts are trained to use the latest CCTV diagnosis technology as well as no-dig repair solutions to locate and fix blocked plumbing. 

In severely damaged pipework, we are also able to replace pipework and get your home’s drainage working properly.

Stormwater drains and connected pipework allow water collected by gutters and downpipes to flow away into the municipal system. A blockage in this system can mean water overflowing into your garden and property, causing damp and attracting pests such as mosquitos.

It’s not advisable to try and fix a blocked stormwater drain yourself as this can force blockages further into the system. Instead, call Plumbwell Plumbing where one of our team will use the right tools to rid your system of leaves, dirt, and debris from your drains.

Plumbwell Plumbing can also help resolve household sink blockages. We will call out, locate the problems and use our various tools to dislodge and dissolve problems, allowing water to flow freely once again.

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