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Blocked Sewer Line

Blocked sewer lines are arguably among the worst problems residents of a building can face.

They can render your sinks and toilets unusable and your place stinking. Don’t wait; contact experts like Plumbwell Plumbing Services in Sydney and get the issue eliminated from its roots. 

Why You Should Choose Plumbwell Plumbing Services to Service Your Blocked Stormwater Drain in Sydney

Here’s why we’re among the best plumbers in Sydney you can trust with your main sewer lines.

Fully Licensed And Insured Plumbing Experts

We aren’t amateurs. Our team consists of licensed and insured plumbing experts who have the experience and training to deal with the toughest issues.

We Value Integrity and Professionalism Above All Else

For us, it’s all about staying professional and valuing our work and integrity.

Same Day Call Out

Even if you aren’t in a hurry, we’ll be there for you within the day. And in case you’re in an emergency, you can rely on our 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Sydney.

Fair and Honest Upfront Pricing

With us, you won’t have to deal with inflated or hidden costs. We prioritise transparency in our dealings.

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

No matter the nature or scope of the work, you’ll see us taking it seriously.

Emergency Plumbing Service for Multiple Drains in Your Property

Property owners must be mindful that sewer lines are interconnected systems. If something goes wrong in one component, the domino effect will likely create other problems. For this reason, consistent maintenance and check-ups are essential for your system’s longevity and performance.

For example, if your plumbing system exhibits signs of a clog, you may experience various peculiar noises. From low gurgles to louder intensities, this noise can occur in sinks and showers as water moves through the blockage and pockets of air. More water will only exacerbate these disturbances – making them even harder to ignore!

What to Check When Your Sewage or Sewer Line is Blocked

Every property owner must pay attention to the critical importance of having a functioning sewage system. It’s fundamental for running daily operations in residential homes and is more necessary than ever in commercial or industrial facilities due to increased water flow needs. When it comes to safeguarding your investment – invest in proper sewage infrastructure!

What Are The Common Signs of a Blocked Sewer Line in Sydney?

When it comes to drains, one common sign may only indicate an issue with a specific pipe, like the sink’s line. However, if you notice multiple bathroom and kitchen fixtures behaving oddly, know that your sewer line can be the problem.

Watch out for the following:

When flushed water, instead of flowing down the line intended for it, either comes back to the toilet or makes its way into the sink, we say water’s backing up. This is a classic sign of a clogged sewer line, as blockage will make water flow into alternative channels. 

If you notice water in your sink draining slowly and accumulating a little, it’s another clear sign that your pipes are blocked. As matter builds up around the lines, water will not have much space to flow and will do so slowly. However, a slow-draining sink alone may just indicate buildup inside the sink’s pipe. If it’s occurring in combination with other signs, then your sewer line is likely clogged.

Organic matter staying stagnant in a place will begin to rot in the presence of water, emitting horrendous smells. So, if you’re observing strange odours around your house, especially around water drains, the culprit can be a blocked sewer line.

Water will look for alternative pathways to flow when the main line is blocked. Occasionally, it can seep out through a leak and cause pools of water to appear in your yard or garden. 

Too much debris or something that builds up in the wastewater pipes can cause a blockage – a sewer choke.  This occurrence is usually caused by roots invading its space, flushed objects that don’t belong there (e.g., wet wipes), or stormwater entering and overwhelming during downpours.

Plumbwell Plumbing Services Blocked Sewer Line Process

If you’re based in Sydney, you can call our expert plumbers to unclog your sewer drain and wastewater pipes. Here’s how Plumbwell Plumbing will clean your sewer line and wastewater blockages:

Assess the Blocked Sewer Line

We’ll use our experience and tech-enabled equipment like CCTVs to assess your sewer line and narrow down the areas that can be blocked.

Clear The Blocked Sewer Line

Once we have narrowed down the area, we will use machines and techniques that are minimally disruptive to the surroundings and unblock your sewer lines in Sydney.

What Are The Common Causes of A Blocked Sewer Line in Sydney

Wastewater overflows have become a growing concern for the environment and communities, creating potential health risks that Plumbwell Plumbing must address. If you’re wondering what’s blocking your sewer line, it could be one of the following:

Your child’s toys or household objects can often end up in the drains, courtesy of a kid, a pet, or an accident. When such things find narrow turns in the pipes, they obstruct the flow and can cause blockage, especially if your pipes aren’t clear, to begin with. 

Whereas toilet paper breaks down in the water, wet wipes do not. Unfortunately, many individuals have the habit of flushing wet wipes down their toilets, which will eventually cause major blockages.

Though toilet paper dissolves with water, too much of it flushed at once can block the drain, at least temporarily. And if there’s any build-up or pre-existing blockage in the lines, toilet paper will complicate the problem even more. 

Hair can end up in the pipes when we shower. And combined with the grease from conditioners, pieces of soap, and other bits of debris flowing around, it can make a mess in your sewer line, clogging it eventually. 

Wandering tree roots can drill into your pipes through a small leak. Once they find a water supply, they grow and expand, worsening the problem. No DIY or chemical cleaner will fix such a blockage, and you’ll require professional plumbing services. Tree roots have a well-known tendency to wreak havoc on wastewater pipes – they can sneak into the smallest cracks and begin devouring nutrients, eventually leading to clogged drains from accumulated growth. 

Food scraps take a while to disintegrate, and combined with hair and foreign objects in the sewer line, they can create a stinking clogged mess. Best to make sure you clear your dishes properly and dispose of the leftovers in the bin before washing the cutlery in the sink.

Substances like butter and lard solidify as they cool down because of the low temperature of the water they come into contact with in the pipes. They can then begin building up in narrower sections of the pipework and make it difficult for other floating objects to pass through too. 

Broken pipes will invite soil and roots in for a clog. They will even cause water to seep out and pool in your yard. Again, these require professional attention and can not be fixed at home.

Possible Causes of Pipe Damage in Sydney

Back Falling Pipes

Lousy installation or ground dynamics can create an unsuitable slope and cause back-falling pipes, which can cause repeated blockages. Drain cameras can be used to identify such sections, and you can then get professional plumbers in Sydney to replace them.

Collapsed Pipes

When a pipe collapses, it blocks the passage of water, leading to clogging. In such a case, the collapsed section has to be dug out and replaced.

Shallow Pipes

When a pipe is too shallow, it’s possible that its surface is not sufficiently protected from external elements. This can lead to considerable damage, like cracks and holes.

Tools to Use in Clearing a Blocked Sewer Line in Sydney

We’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools to solve your blocked pipes and sewer lines problems in Sydney. By implementing effective water efficiency measures, we can reduce our environmental footprint while saving money in the long run.

A jet blaster shoots out water at such high speeds that it can cut through objects as strong as roots. For this purpose, our experts first pinpoint the blocked area in the pipe using CCTV cameras and then use the machine with suitable nozzles to clear the pipes of every last substance.

An electric eel sweeps away particles and debris mechanically and lets us physically dislodge matter like food particles and leaves after CCTV reveals the site of the blockage. This tool is used when the blockage isn’t severe enough to require jet blasting.

At times we have to resort to highly caustic chemicals to dissolve matter like grease and hair through the entire length of the pipes. Note that such chemicals are highly dangerous when used by unskilled and inexperienced individuals.

We have access to specialised plungers, much different from the simple ones found in homes. When the situation allows it, these can help us resolve the problem without causing significant disruption to the pipes.

Ways To Prevent Your Sewer Line From Clogging

Here are ways in which you can make sure your sewer line doesn’t get clogged, to begin with:

Invest in high-quality sink strainers to ensure those food particles, hair, and foreign objects don’t fall through. Clean the filters regularly so that the water pressure doesn’t force minor particles down with time.  This simple step can go a long way in keeping your pipes clear for a considerable length of time. Property owners can avert clogs from oil and grease by installing a practical, cost-effective solution: the grease trap!

Remember that drainage systems are not equipped to deal with anything that’s not soluble in water.

Before washing the dishes, heat your pots and let all the butter stuck on the sides melt. Pour it, along with leftover grease from your plates, into a disposable container and throw it into your bin. 

No matter the circumstances, do not flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet, especially not wet wipes, even the ones that claim to dissolve in water; all such claims are false. And if you have to use a large amount of toilet paper at once, dispose of it in the bin rather than flushing it down. 

Call plumbing services once a year to use a jet blaster on your lines. They will clean all buildup and remove any problematic matter before it clogs your system.  

Blocked Drain Solutions PlumbWell Plumbing Can Help You With

Relining the Pipe

Pipe relining involves using a flexible tube and resin to give the pipe a new inner surface. Investing in this method on time will ensure that your lines get fixed before they corrode or leak or allow tree roots to work their way in. A newer, smoother surface will let matter flow easily, too, preventing clogs to a substantial extent.

Pipe Replacement

If your sewer pipes are too far gone, a replacement will be your only option. This can be done in two ways: trenchless pipe bursting or digging a pipeline in.

In trenchless pipe bursting, a cone-shaped piece of equipment is inserted into the pipes, destroying them and immediately replacing them. This method, though relatively more expensive than relining, is minimally invasive. However, if the lines are even more damaged, excavation will be necessary to install a new pipe.

What is Trenchless Pipe Relining, and How Does It Work?

Trenchless pipe relining restores old, weak pipes to their full functionality by lining them without any significant digging work, except for a small access pit to the pipe. 

Here, a soft, flexible liner coated with resin is inserted throughout the entire length of the pipe. An inflatable bladder is inserted alongside it to keep the pipe in place while the resin hardens. Once the resin is cured, the bladder is pulled out, leaving you with a smooth, reliable line. 

The process also involves thorough cleaning before it commences and CCTV inspections before and after it. If your property has old pipes, it’s best to invest in relining and save yourself future costs. We’re the best professional plumbers in Sydney, so contact us if you want your pipes relined. 

How Sewer Pipe Relining Can Help You Avoid Major Repairs

Sewer pipe relining, in essence, this method consists of sending a pipe liner composed of a fibre tube inside an existing pipe and strengthening it with resin. It is an efficient method to deal with corroding, rough pipe surfaces that can catch matter. This will also seal all the cracks and holes so that roots and dirt don’t find their way in, saving you the tremendous costs of installing new pipes. 

The technique requires specialised equipment, including cameras, and only professional plumbers can do it cleanly. Once done, you’re left with a stronger, smoother pipe that will function way better and prevent clogs by letting matter flow through it smoothly. However, note that not all lines are suitable for relining. 

If you’re looking for sewer pipe relining in Sydney, don’t hesitate to contact us

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