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CCTV Drain Inspection

It is frequently impossible to assess how serious sewer pipe damage is without the use of pipe inspection cameras.

Plumbers may use CCTV drain inspection cameras to see the core causes of sewage problems without being required to use more invasive procedures such as digging or removing walls or floors to obtain access to your drainage system. Line CCTV Inspection Service offers in-depth visual assessments of your line pipe systems, providing an invaluable pipe locating, quality control, and maintenance tool.

At Plumbwell Plumbing Services we provide CCTV drain clearing inspection solutions for all of our commercial and residential clients in Sydney and its surroundings. Our variety of camera sizes and transportable units allow us to check any drain to assess pipe damage or the cause of a blockage. Through the use of CCTV drain inspection technology, we are able to correctly assess the necessary action we need to take so that no further damage occurs.

What Can the CCTV Drain Inspection Camera Detect?

Obtaining appropriate visual information on the nature of your drains blocked is the most crucial stage before any repair or replacement work takes place. A CCTV drain camera is now required throughout its examination to gather knowledge on the depths of the problem occurring in your sewers. A CCTV drain inspection camera may detect a variety of things including: 

Damaged or corroded pipes

One of the most common causes of pipe failure is corrosion. If you don’t deal with corroded pipes right away, you could end up with very expensive damage. CCTV drain clearing inspections detect damaged or corroded pipes and allow you to prevent costly damage.

Collapsed pipes

A broken pipe is a severe plumbing issue. It is not only annoying for you, but it may also reduce the value of your property. Pipe failure is more common than you may expect. Using CCTV inspection technology, we will be able to identify the indicators of corroded pipes, handle pipe replacement, pipe locating, maintenance, and cleaning before things get worse.

Sydney Blocked pipes

Preventative maintenance is the most effective strategy to safeguard your plumbing. A blocked pipe can cause a bad smell, overflowing of water and waste, Gurgling sounds, slow draining, and water pooling. A pipe can be blocked by grease, tree roots, toiletries, foreign objects, food scraps, or any other natural debris.

Tree root infestation

Tree roots are a water pipe’s worst nightmare. The roots seek out the pipes because they contain water that can aid in the growth of the tree. Over time, they can clog, disrupt, and degrade the structure of your pipes. Consider having any trees that are close to your water lines removed. Early detection of tree root infestation might help you to avoid any damage to your pipes and property.

Poor installation

Poor installations results in Leaky pipes, obstructed pipes, backed-up garbage disposal, or frozen pipes. In case of poor installation, your home or office’s drainage system will not work properly which can cause severe drainage problems. To avoid any damage, you need a CCTV inspection immediately.

Ensure your drain system is running smoothly – contact us immediately if anything appears out of the ordinary, and we’ll inspect it for you.

The Benefits of Using a CCTV Drain Inspection Camera

One of the most effective ways to examine the status of your pipes is through CCTV drain inspection. You can identify and address minor issues with CCTV cameras before they grow into larger ones. It enables you to see inside your pipes up close without having to dig them up or employ any damaging techniques.


CCTV drain surveys are popular with homeowners because they are non-invasive and create little inconvenience on your property. It is not necessary to dig or dig around in your pipes to locate the cause of a problem. A camera is simply maneuvered through the drainage system to identify the cause of your plumbing problems.

CCTV is one of the most effective techniques to examine your drainage system since it provides a visual view of its underground state. The image can be seen on screens and also recorded in the footage. Once the job is completed we will use the video recording to report back to you on the most appropriate cause of action to rectify the problem.

These CCTV inspections do not require digging or any harmful material that can be dangerous to your health or affect the environment. CCTV drain inspections are clean, environment friendly, and do not require any destruction to your property.

What Equipment is Involved in CCTV Inspections

A drain cctv inspection is performed to prevent drainage issues such as pipe cracks, corrosion, frost, and major clogs such as tree roots, toilet paper build-up, and food waste. Some of the modern equipment Plumbwell Plumbing Services uses for CCTV inspections include: 

CCTV Drain Inspection-header-img

Waterproof cameras consist of a high-resolution video camera mounted on a flexible rod that a technician inserts into the drain. The camera records images, enabling technicians to identify the location and makeup of an issue in an otherwise inaccessible area without having to open the piping or dig it up.

Cameras can be put into a pipe and pushed to the appropriate cctv inspection location using a pushrod system that moves the camera along the pipe. To adjust for the rotation caused by the rods, cameras can be self-righting. Because these pushrods are flexible, they may readily bend to accommodate curves or bends in the pipes.

The monitoring system, which calculates how far the camera has travelled, keeps track of the camera’s progress in the pipe.

Another way to get the camera inside the pipe for drain inspection is to attach it to a remote-controlled crawler. These may be utilised in pipes ranging in size from 150 to 2000 mm. Crawlers are normally driven by tiny electric motors with output voltages of up to 80 volts, and a range of attachments are available to aid in the access of various types of pipelines.

Crawlers allow for the installation of a camera in the front or on top through an extending mechanism. Remote control from stand-alone equipment, often in conjunction with a PC, is used to operate cameras.

A sonar unit is another type of drain inspection equipment. These may be used in the same way to acoustically profile liquid-filled pipelines. The scanning device itself contains a pressure-balanced transducer at one end and pitch and roll sensors to determine the unit’s orientation. An umbilical cable connects the scanner to a laptop computer, and the necessary software aids in the procedure. This procedure is beneficial since it allows for pipe surveying without the need to empty them.

How Plumbwell Plumbing Services Approaches Blocked or Damaged Drains

The plumbing system in your home does more than just deliver clean water and eliminate waste; it also plays an important role in maintaining household health. Sewage overflow is caused by clogged and broken drainage pipes, presenting potentially hazardous health risks. Bacteria and dangerous elements in the garbage will endanger your health and those of your family. Plumbwell Plumbing Services offers excellent plumbing services in both residential and commercial settings. If you are in Sydney and have a plumbing emergency, give us a call right away to have the problem resolved.

Our team of experts will be ready to inspect, diagnose, and solve any problem you might have!

If your sink or shower is not draining right away as it should, or worse if it’s pooling or draining very slowly, then this is a sure sign of a clogged drain. Plumbing Plumbers offer multiple methods like Jet blasting, electric eel, and chemical cleaner to unblock pipes. We provide high-quality services and the best solutions for your drainage system for long-term hassle-free use.

Most of the time, it is possible to unblock drains, clear out the mess, and then get everything running smoothly again. However, in rare circumstances, the blockage may be the result of a damaged drain. When a drain is clogged or gets damaged, it must be professionally fixed. Cracked pipes are a major problem that may devastate plumbing systems.

Pipes that are damaged or broken can attract bugs and rats and emit a bad odour. In the worst-case scenario, a fractured drain or pipe allows water to seep into the surrounding soil, polluting the remainder of your water supply and potentially causing structural damage or subsidence.

Drain or pipe relining is a specialised, no-dig method that is used to repair broken or damaged pipelines. The procedure entails installing a liner that adheres to the interior of your pipes and forms a new pipe within the old one. As a result, pipe relining is the most efficient and cost-effective drain repair method available, resulting in far less mess and interruption for you and your family! This technology also enables access to and maintenance of otherwise inaccessible pipelines, such as those located beneath a structure or deep underground.

Drain pipes may appear to be a modest and sometimes unnoticed component of your property. These fixtures, however, can pose severe issues if they break or malfunction. Our experts will fully repair the drainage system when necessary.

Plumbwell Plumbing Services CCTV Drain Inspection Sydney Process

CCTV pipe inspection equipment is operated by a competent CCTV-qualified operator who specialises in drain inspection and repair. Here’s how it works:

  •   Identify the problem area
  •   Access the pipes
  •   Identify the problem
  •   Monitor and assess
  •   Remediation

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