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Blocked Sinks

When a sink gets clogged, waiting for it to drain drop by drop can bring unnecessary stress into your home.

At Plumbwell Plumbing Services, we understand the frustration of a relentlessly clogged sink, and we’re here to help!

If you’re Looking for an expert to work on your blocked sink, look no further than Plumbwell Plumbing Services. We’re a locally owned and operated business with a reputation for providing professional sink unblocking services throughout Sydney. We also have the best plumbers in Sydney who are capable of speedy repairs and quality workmanship. 

Don’t let the seemingly mundane task of clearing a clogged sink drain dampen your day – take advantage of our simple sign so you can get back to business quickly and efficiently! Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or read the guide below for tips.

Plumbwell Plumbing Services are the Experts in Unblocking Sink Drain in Sydney

Whether you have a small or large-scale sink plumbing problem, our team is experienced and equipped to handle it. With the tools, passion, and skills to take on any blocked sink project, we’re easily one of the best in the business. Here are just some of the many reasons you should elict the help of Plumbwell Plumbing Services:

Fully Licenced and Insured Plumbing Blockage Experts

We all use Sinks multiple times a day, but they can also be an enormous hassle to address. Fortunately, with the right tools and procedures, you’ll have your sink flowing freely again in no time!

At Plumbwell Plumbing Services, we are fully insured and licensed to carry out all plumbing or anything related to drain unblocking projects. With many years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured that we are highly-qualified professionals who will provide a calm and easy-going atmosphere for our customers.

Value Integrity and Professionalism Above All Else

Plumbwell Plumbing Services highly values qualities such as professionalism and integrity and we firmly believe that they stand above everything else. It is because of these core values that we can offer excellent plumbing services to both individual customers and businesses in Sydney. We are always working hard to stay ahead of the competition but more importantly to provide a service that exceeds customer expectations.

Same Day Call Out & Emergency Plumbing Service

We understand that some plumbing issues can disrupt the full home and bring a business to a standstill. That’s why we here at Plumbwell Plumbing Services, provide emergency plumbing services and same-day call-outs to get your sink problem sorted out as soon as possible. Rest assured, we can be there in a jiffy and help you return your Sydney business and home to full working order.

We also provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services. So even at odd periods, don’t hesitate to call Plumbwell Plumbing Services to help solve your plumbing emergencies.

Fair and honest upfront pricing

We want to be fair to both our customers and ourselves, which is why we take the time to consider the market and what our customers can afford when setting our prices. We believe that this honest and upfront approach is the best way to do business.

Quality workmanship guaranteed

At Plumbwell Plumbing Services, every team member is passionate and dedicated to their work. All our work – from small repairs to large-scale projects – comes with a quality workmanship guarantee.

Steps and Tools to Unblock a Sink

There are different DIY methods to unblock a sink. However, not all of them work as effectively as you might hope.

For example, some home remedies like pouring baking soda or using a rubber plunger may work on minor blockages. Unfortunately, they’re not always reliable for more serious clogs. If you don’t experience success upon the first attempt, repeating this process may help to achieve your desired outcome.

Knowing this, we at Plumbwell Plumbing Services, use foolproof professional techniques like those below to unblock your sink.

High-pressure Water Jetting

Our high-pressure water jetting services are perfect for taking care of those stubborn clogs in your toilet and kitchen sink. If left unresolved, the clogs can cause the sink to overflow which could create an unsanitary bathroom or kitchen environment.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

In certain scenarios, Plumbwell plumbers can also use chemical sink drain cleaners in combination with high-pressure water jetting. Chemical drain cleaner contains industrial-strength chemical agents that can swiftly dispatch food scraps, scum buildup, and hair from your kitchen sinks.


Cabling is another useful unlocking technique that we take advantage of at Plumbwell Plumbing Services. But you could also try this at home yourself. This technique is also called drain snake, and it involves taking a wire coil with a brushed end, inserting it into the drain hole, and rotating it to remove any sink blockage.

We Provide Unblocking Services for Many Types of Drains Including:

Unclogging a toilet sink yourself isn’t fun. Leave it to Plumbwell Plumbing Services to get the job done swiftly.

At Plumbwell Plumbing Services, we can maintain your home’s kitchen, bathroom, and any other type of sink. We also offer commercial and public sink unblocking services. 

We are the go to experts in treating wet room, shower, and cubicle blockages in Sydney. Especially those caused by hair buildup.

Various bathtubs come with several drainage openings. Hence, determining the reason for a blockage in a bathtub can be challenging. However, with our high-tech inspection gear like our CCTV inspection device, we simply pinpoint the problem and provide a solution. 

Dislodging a grease trap is a nasty process that should be left to sink drain experts in Sydney who will ensure no grease re-enters your sinks. No one does this better than Plumbwell Plumbing Services.

It is quite challenging to resolve faulty water drains without professional expertise. We’ve been unblocking water drains for years and can bring yours back to full functionality.

It is critical to keep your stormwater drains clear to safeguard your business or home surroundings from flood damage. At Plumbwell Plumbing Services, we can repair all storm drain issues and can schedule maintenance visits to prevent future damage.

Is your sink disposal stuck? Don’t let a clog ruin your day – get it resolved quickly and easily with Plumbwell Plumbing!

We Provide Emergency 24/7 Unblocking Services in Sydney

If you find yourself needing immediate sink or drainage unblocking services in Sydney you can call Plumbwell Plumbing Services any time of the day or night. We provide emergency 24/7 unblocking services to make sure your shower sink, kitchen sink, and drains are working perfectly.

How Does a Sink Become Blocked?

Typically, most Sydney sink blockages are caused by several repetitive factors.  A sink can become blocked by oil, grease or fats. All these are predominantly liquids when poured in the drain, but when they reach the moist pipes they solidify. What’s worse, they block the passage and hold other debris, making the clog bigger.

Also, food scraps left on dishes after meals sometimes get washed down the sink. Hence, you should always scrape leftovers off your plates before washing or use a plug “catcher” to catch waste.

Hair and soap are two of the most common substances that can cause clogs in your bathroom sink pipes. Long hairs are typically the biggest offenders when it comes to clogging drains, as they can quickly become knotted with other hairs and soap. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to use a drain hair catcher.

Areas in Sydney That Have Plumbwell Plumbing Services

Plumbwell Plumbing Services also serves the following areas in Sydney:


Eastern Suburbs

North Shore

Unblocking a Sink is No Easy Task, Call Plumbwell Plumbing Services Today!

Fixing a blocked sink in Sydney is not as simple as you may think. Plumbwell Plumbing Services is at your beck-and-call, so you can reach out to us and get the quick and effective blocked drain solution that you deserve without stressing. Call us now or book here on our website, and we’ll send the best technicians with the right tools to resolve your sink blockage that mere DIY solutions cannot fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of unclogging a sink differs depending on the plumbing project. Plumbwell Plumbing Services provides estimates based on the blockage symptoms you are experiencing.

You call Plumbwell Plumbing Services. We get to your destination with speed and quickly offer solutions. We also provide tips on how to reduce any future blockages.

A blocked sink holds dirt and debris while keeping water from draining. A blocked sink can build up pressure that can crack your pipes and also make your sinks overflow with dirty water waste.

Yes, you can! You can unblock your sink using DIY tools like plunges for minor blockages. However, in more serious cases, professional plumbing assistance is needed.

You will need to confirm with your insurance company as packages may differ. But generally, insurance doesn’t cover the cost of blocked sinks.

When you discover an outside drain blockage, contact Plumbwell Plumbing Services and we can help fix the problem immediately.

Blocked sinks are more of a nuisance than an emergency. However, in industries and businesses where such sinks are needed for day-to-day operations, they can become an emergency if severely clogged.

Yes, there is. Commercial drainages are more complicated and detailed than residential ones. Also, commercial drainage problems almost always require professional experts like Plumbwell Plumbing Services.

Tree roots in your pipes are a big issue and can cause you several drainage problems. Call Plumbwell Plumbing Services and we can use CCTV inspection to locate every root and flush them with high-pressure water-cutting tools.

Fat, grease, oil, rice, eggshells, milk, bones, pasta, coffee grounds, etc.

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