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Emergency Plumber Inner West

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, often without warning.

Fortunately, while leaks, blocked drains, and having no hot water may happen at the most inconvenient times, PlumbWell Plumbing in Inner West are ready to help any time of day or night.

We offer fast, professional emergency plumbing services to both residential and commercial properties in Sydney’s CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburb, North Shore, and more.

Most Inner West plumbing emergencies require immediate attention or risk endangering occupants and your property. When it comes to gas, electricity and water, it’s best to leave things to the professionals and not attempt DIY solutions. Attempting repairs without proper training, tools, and know-how can not only be dangerous but sometimes make things worse, costing more.

If you have a plumbing emergency, don’t delay: call Plumbwell now if you experience any of the plumbing emergencies below.

Inner West Blocked Drain Emergencies

Blocked drains are extremely common household problems and are often dismissed as minor issues. Overlooking problems like a slow draining sink, however, can very often be a risky decision, with bigger, more pressing problems occurring as a result.

What Can Cause a Blocked Drain

There are lots of different things that can cause a blocked drain, with the most common being:
Something plumbers often see is a household drain blocked by a foreign object. Sometimes it’s a piece of jewellery dropped down the sink, and other times it’s a mobile phone, false teeth, or a set of keys accidentally flushed down the toilet. It’s also common for young children, fascinated with water to drop toys into a toilet, something that can cause significant problems.
While wet wipes might resemble toilet tissue, the fact is they are not suitable to be flushed down the toilet. In fact, wet wipes cause one of the worst kinds of blockages. This is because they are semi-permeable, creating just a slow drain situation at first or fluctuating toilet water levels. Over time, however, a build-up of wipes can cause a nasty blockage that requires specialised tools to dislodge.

Toilet paper is one of the only things that are suitable for flushing down the toilet. It is designed to disintegrate when wet and this prevents it from causing a blockage.

However, flushing too much toilet paper at once can still cause a blockage especially if there is another kind of blockage already within the drainage system. Most toilet paper blockages will resolve themselves, if not PlumbWell can help.

As we shower and bathe, we naturally lose hair from our heads and body. These hairs typically wash away without issue. However, with the use of hair conditioner and other products, this hair can mat together, causing a blockage that is particularly difficult to resolve.

Fortunately, PlumbWell has the right tools and chemical solutions to dissolve and dislodge such blockages. We also recommend the use of a plug-hole cover to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Tiny cracks in underground pipework can often be more than enough for tree and plant roots to establish themselves. In a drainage system, tree roots have a ready supply of water, allowing them to grow thicker. This can lead to big cracks in pipes and major blockages.
Improper scraping before washing up or faulty dishwasher filters can cause food scraps to enter into our drains. As these are often softened by water, they can turn into a thick mass that prevents the flow of water.
Conditioner, cooking oil, lard, and grease from food can all cause a sticky buildup in our pipework, this is not easy to remove and requires the help of a professional plumber.

Harmful Effects of a Blocked Drain on Your Health & Home

The dangers of not treating a blocked drain include:
Ignoring a blocked drain for a long time can cause water to seep out into the surrounding structure through pipe damage and micro-cracks. This can mean spending thousands repairing wall and ceiling repairs and still require a blocked drain repair.
While it might sound unlikely, the truth is that blocked drains create the ideal conditions for bacteria and germs such as helicobacter to grow in number. This bacteria-saturated water can often backflow into our homes when we have a blocked drain, introducing harmful germs into our bathrooms and kitchens.
Where there are damp conditions, you can expect mould and mildew. With blocked drains, an environment is created that promotes the growth of these, as well as the reproduction of mosquitos if water overflows outside. These can cause breathing problems, allergic reactions, and potentially worse.
A blocked drain causes water to stand, allowing bacteria to develop, and become filled with debris from within the pipework. This contaminated water can also be laden with human waste. In the case of a blocked toilet drain, this contaminated water can flood a bathroom and create a lot of damage.
If blocked drains aren’t treated quickly, they cause additional problems such as leaks in our home. As standing water builds up, pipework can become weakened and sometimes burst. In the case of outdoor drains and pipes, this can be difficult to detect. Look out for disparities in growth in your garden which could indicate a burst pipe beneath the surface.
While not an immediate danger in itself, the smell of a blocked drain is something that is quite unpleasant. It can make enjoying your home difficult and be embarrassing when you have guests over.

Emergency Hot Water Services

As Inner West’s most trusted plumbing experts, PlumbWell offers emergency hot water repair and entire system replacements or upgrades. This service is available to Sydney CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and the North Shore. All of our team are qualified hot water specialists and have many years of experience repairing instant, gas, electric, and solar hot water systems.

Signs Your Hot Water System Needs Emergency Repairs

If the water coming out of your system is too hot, this could indicate one of a number of problems, including a faulty thermostat. While hot water systems are capable of reaching high temperatures, this can be dangerous and lead to scalds so should be resolved quickly.
There’s a few reasons your hot water system might be delivering cold water only. This includes mineral deposits, pump failure, thermostat issues, heat exchanger failure, and many more issues. As there are so many reasons why you have no hot water, it’s essential to call in PlumbWell where one of our experts can figure out the exact problem and get things sorted.
If your hot water system runs on gas or you have a gas-powered booster installed, it’s vital to not dismiss unusual odours. If you smell gas, call PlumbWell immediately as this could indicate a gas leak in pipework, joins, or a unit is not burning properly. This is not something that can be fixed yourself and can be potentially lethal if not fixed quickly.
If you notice your storage tank has a pool of water or a damp patch beneath it, you likely have a leak in your cylinder. This is something PlumbWell can help with. Fixing this early can prevent further damage to your hot water system, including electrical components, but also your property as leaking water can lead to a variety of other issues.
Having no running water can often be the result of a fairly major problem in your hot water system. Diagnosing the issue is something that will require specialist knowledge and experience, with PlumbWell happy to help. Problems range from collapsed pipes, undetected leaks, pump issues, and more.
A storage tank making bangs, hissing noises, and pops is likely suffering from a buildup of mineral deposits. This occurs when a sacrificial anode in the tank corrodes away or a water supply is particularly mineral rich. These minerals react with the heating coil within the tank and cause the sounds you are experiencing. A full system flush and cleanse is necessary and is one of the many services PlumbWell offers.

Possible Causes of a Leaky Pipe

  • Broken seals: Where pipes meet, seals are needed to prevent water from escaping. Over time, the heat and pressure of pipes can cause these to fail.
  • Clogged pipes: A clogged pipe due to debris or foreign objects will cause a build-up of pressure, leading to leaks.
  • Corrosion: Pipework is sometimes subjected to less-than-ideal conditions, including burial underground. This can cause corrosion and water to escape the pipe.
  • Incorrect pipe installation: Out-dated and improperly installed pipework can result in water leaks. This is because of badly fitting connections, incorrect sizes, and cheap materials.
  • Damaged pipe joints: Whether accidentally or due to wear and tear over time, pipe joints can often spring a leak. This is especially true on L-bends where the use of seals is often necessary, introducing a weak point.
  • Tree root growth: Tree roots are adept at finding cracks in pipes and inserting tendrils to seek water. If it finds water, the roots grow quickly and strengthen, further cracking the pipe and causing a leak.
  • High water pressure: If the water pressure in a household is too high for the existing pipework, seals, joints, and even the pipe itself may burst.
  • Fixture cracks: Fixtures can crack due to DIY repairs with putty, or the use of improper repair materials. These cracks can also occur due to knocks or water pressure being too high.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance Can Prevent Emergency Situations

The very best way to prevent a plumbing emergency is to have PlumbWell conduct regular plumbing maintenance in your property.

We conduct a thorough inspection throughout your property and ensure everything is working as it should in accordance with The Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) standards set by the NSW authorities.

Plumbing maintenance benefits include:

  • Better water quality
  • Improved water pressure
  • Lower bills
  • Maintain and improve home value
  • Safe air quality
  • No odours or unsightly damp patches
  • Health and welfare for occupants

PlumbWell Plumbing in Inner West recommends annual plumbing maintenance visits where we can spot issues early, fixing them before they become costly and damaging.

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