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Gas Metre Relocation in Croydon, Inner West

The act of relocating a gas meter involves moving it to a new location. It involves complex procedures that, for your safety, should be carried out by a trained expert.

What the Client Was After

The client wanted to install a new retaining wall at the front of the property and needed the gas metre relocated.

What Work Was Completed

The old gas line that served the metre had to be found and shut off to shift the gas metre to the new location. This required locating the location of the gas line’s entrance to the property and following it to the gas metre.

The gas main must be properly repaired when the gas line has been located. Before any work could be done, the gas supply to the building had to be turned off and ensured there was no gas flowing through the pipe.

New copper pipes were installed to carry gas to the new site of the metre after the gas line was severed and turned off.

The gas metre could be relocated to its new location once the new gas lines had been installed. To do this, Sam had to make sure everything was secure before connecting the new gas lines to the metre. The gas supply was then restarted, and the new gas metre was examined to ensure everything was operating as it should.

The End Result
The client’s gas metre was moved safely and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to their day.

Why It’s Important to Have a Licenced Professional Relocate Your Gas metre 


      1. Safety: Working with gas lines demands a high level of competence and experience since they can be dangerous. Licensed experts are trained to work around gas lines and are aware of the safety precautions that must be taken to avoid mishaps or injury.

      1. Code and rule compliance: To ensure that the work is safe and up to the appropriate standards, gas metre relocation must be done in accordance with local building codes and regulations. Licensed specialists can guarantee that the job is done correctly because they are aware with these standards and regulations.

      1. Liability: You could be held responsible for any damages or injuries if something goes wrong while the gas metre relocation process is underway and you used an unauthorised contractor. A licenced professional’s insurance covers you in case of mishaps or property damage.

      1. Knowledge and knowledge: To install and relocate gas metres correctly, licenced personnel have the knowledge and experience necessary. They possess the knowledge and abilities required to spot prospective concerns and deal with them before they worsen.

      1. Warranty: Licensed specialists frequently provide warranties or guarantees on their work, assuring you that the job will be completed correctly and that any difficulties will be resolved quickly.

    Overall, moving a gas metre can be challenging and necessitates careful organisation and execution to guarantee that everything is done lawfully and safely. It’s important to work with a licensed contractor and the gas utility company to ensure the work is done correctly and that all licenses and inspections are done.

    Reasons You Might Consider Moving the Gas Metre on Your Property


        1. Remodelling or renovations: If you intend to remodel or renovate your house or place of business, your gas metre may need to be moved to make room for the alterations. This can entail relocating the metre, improving the gas line or metre, or changing the gas supply to accommodate changing demands.

        1. Safety concerns: It can be required to relocate your gas metre if it is situated in a risky or uncomfortable area, such as next to a heat source or where it is susceptible to damage.

        1. Accessibility: If reading, maintaining, or servicing your gas metre is challenging, it may be due to access issues. It might be simpler to carry out routine maintenance and repairs if you move it to a more convenient spot.

        1. Regulation adherence: According to local rules, gas metres may need to be placed in specific locations or a specific distance from houses or other structures. Your gas metre might need to be relocated if it doesn’t follow these rules.

      1. Property expansion: You might need to relocate your gas metre to make room for the adjustments if your property is being expanded or you are adding new buildings or structures.
      Make sure your home is up-to-date with the latest safety standards by considering a move of your gas metre to an appropriate and accessible area. Doing so will ensure peace of mind knowing that everyone residing on the property is safe from any potential danger associated with improper handling or accessibility issues. 
      Plumbwell Plumbing has been providing a comprehensive plumbing solution that helps clients save time and money while avoiding stress. Our professional gas metre experience makes us well-equipped to provide an efficient service!

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        Gas Metre Relocation


        Gas Metre Relocation


        Gas Metre Relocation
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